Flesh and Blood: Welcome to Rathe - Booster Pack (Unlimited)

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    After centuries of uneasy peace, the continent of Rathe is once again teetering on the brink of chaos. Barbarians and monsters of the savage west grow restless, clashing with the noble defenders of Solana in increasingly bloody skirmishes, as merchants from distant lands arrive bearing tidings of powerful kingdoms unknown.

    As beasts and scoundrels feast on the flesh of the weak, heroes fight on by the blood of their covenant, immortalised by the flames of war as eternal legends. Welcome to Rathe, hero:

    • Outsmart your opponent as a prodigy Warrior.
    • Dismember your prey as a ferocious Brute.
    • Unleash a flurry of combos as an agile Ninja.
    • Pulverise your enemies as a powerful Guardian.

    Flesh and Blood is inspired by a lifetime of playing great games. We boldly rethink the fundamental pillars of TCG design, while respecting what made TCGs great in the first place.

    I. Booster Packs

    Product Configuration:

    • 15 random cards per pack + 1 token card.
    • 24 packs per display:
      • Supports one draft pod (8 person),
      • Supports four sealed deck players.
    • 4 displays per case.
    • Set contains 226 cards.

    Rarity distribution:

    • Token - 1 per pack.
    • Equipment - 1 per pack.
    • Common - 11 per pack.
    • Rare or higher - 1+1* per pack.
    • Premium foil - 1 per pack.

    - $6.99

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