Plastic Soldier: Army Box - Russian Strelkovy Rifle Battalion (Mid-late War)

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    Always looking to exploit a gap in the German lines, send your Strelkovy rifle battalion from the lands of Mother Russia into the the heart of Germany and onto Berlin. You can recreate some of the fiercest battles of the Great Patriotic War with this fantastic army box set.

    Included are 208 riflemen, including 32x LMG teams and command, 6x Maxim MG teams, 6x 82mm mortar teams, 6x 120mm mortar teams, 6x 50mm mortar teams, 12x PTRD anti-tank rifle teams, 4x 45mm anti- tank guns, 8x Zis 3 field guns and 60x gun crew. A total of 358 figures and 12x artillery models!

    - $107.99

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